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Wednesday, October 4, 2006, 12:00 am / A

Wanted: Travel Companion.

I’m in desperate need of one after getting bitten by the travel-asia bug! Did find one, but she’s tied up till this time, next year. I think. =(

I’d like to visit:
Cambodia – Siem Reap / Angkor Wat
Thailand – Anywhere!
(insert location of your choice here)

1. Be open to other forms of transportation other than flying
1b. Not complain if ‘other forms of transportation’ materializes into 30 hour train journeys.
2. Be willing to.. ‘rough it out’ in class!
3. Not complain too much if I spend the morning+afternoon lazing away. Invitation to laze with me is hereby extended.
4. Make my bed. And make sure my clothes match. (kidding)
4b. Keep all forms of spices away from me. I.e. Chilli, curry, etc. (not kidding)

Since these trips are low-budgeted – excluding shopping – by nature, I’m willing to foot 50%-75% 25% – 50% (sorry, online shopping woes) of travel costs pending said companion’s financial status. *winning smile* Anyone up for it?



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