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Monday, October 9, 2006, 11:05 pm / A

5 stages of a break-up in the digital world

I – Denial
Refusing to take down all couple shots plastered on msn, shared blogs, flickr, friendster, .. At the same time, upload a few more. Worse still, tweaking your template to feature “us”. Changing your nickname to include her name.
Dead give-away: Not forgetting to use the word ‘still’, e.g. I still lo..

II – Anger/Resentment
Deleting said photos. And shared blog. And text messages. And RSS feed to ex-partner’s blog. Changing passwords and msn nicknames to something along the line of ‘fuckyouverymuch’, then rendering effect null by blocking and deleting ex-partner off the contact list.
Dead give-away: Deleting gigabytes of photos, then emptying recycle bin.

III – Bargaining
“I won’t hack into your accounts if you promise not to touch mine!” (Why, afraid of finding hard incriminating evidence?)
“I promise to continue to provide tech support if you’ll just shut the hell up about us on your blog.” Begging response: “Just read through our archives again and I’ll shut up. Please?”
“Titillating photos and videos of you stay private forever. And vice versa, capisci ?”

IV – Depression
Blog goes on hiatus. Then blogging starts again, with photogs of different girls on a each new post, those you don’t remember a thing about. Delete number off cell/handphone just so you won’t have to see her name. Add the ex back to contact list, – remembering to deposit in common group, – mentally slapping yourself for seeing her sign in. Post travel photos with the tagline ‘wish you were here..’ Upload music.

Relent. Recall. Recall.
Jump to Coda. If not,
Repeat Stanza.

V – Acceptance
Start reading her blog.
Dead give-away: commenting/tagging on her blog.


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