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Monday, October 16, 2006, 6:00 pm / A

Light my funeral pyre

The first class of the semester: four hours stuck with an effeminate man, who claims to love travelling (with a close friend, as we all know) but can’t stand a flight to Auckland, whom with every breath emphasizes on your GPA (or how dismal it is), includes sex in every analogy made, has his eye virtually trained on the toned body of a guy classmate..
He could’ve simply said, “I’m gay” and that would have been less of a giveaway.
This is an interdisciplinary module, Innovation&Enterprise, Health and Lifestyle management. Save me.

And of course, you blame it all on the haze – current PSI level: 130. I would insert a picture here, but it’d just come out as colour code, #CCCCCC. Two ‘redeeming’ factors would be that my respiratory system isn’t affected one bit by this onslaught, and that no one can tell if even if you were smoking right beside them if not for the smell and the lit butt.

Themed music mix: Baby light my fire

Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire
Switchfoot – On Fire
Killswitch Engage – This Fire Burns
The Doors – Light My Fire
Ash – Burn Baby Burn
Nirvana – Lake of Fire
Jimi Hendrix – Fire


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