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Thursday, October 19, 2006, 8:02 am / A


A blizzard has struck the house, stemming from a mother who thinks I am angry at her, which I am not, and then the father comes in and says mother is angry at me, which she is not, and now she is angry at the father for saying so, as I am, for trying to dump a load of non-existent guilt on me, for whatsoever reason he may have..

And I am most upset. At how the light at the end of the coal mine has been blanketed in an impenetrable (thus far) fog, the mother of whatever that’s been very recently making its way through this little island..

One very telling sign is how I’m awake at six, to dawn and not dusk, but refuse to go for an 8am lecture. What do you mean I don’t have anymore holidays? How do I live then? I’m in need of self actualization and these days, all I can think of is: what if I die tomorrow? I haven’t even.. yet..



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  1. liquidblackout / Oct 20 2006 1:44 am

    omg, you also comment as —?
    haha, yeah, that’s true about his emails…
    I even tried to call him and that didn’t really work out either…he’s okay, but kinda busy and would call me right back, but he doesn’t know my number
    I live near Toronto, btw

  2. lithiumed / Oct 21 2006 10:12 am

    yup that I do, so now you know me, apologies for the censorship.. ;)
    my cousins are in Toronto, unfortunately where I’d like to visit is Vancouver..Ah. Both lovely places though.

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