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Monday, October 30, 2006, 1:44 am / A

Why I don’t deserve that ‘F’ in home economics

Rosemary? Check. Black pepper? Veggies? Check and check!


.. Shit, the wine!! And scurried down to the store, where a Shiraz Cabernet was grabbed at random, and would have been better paired with lamb. Plus, the steak ended up slightly overcooked. Oh well.

Er, I can’t believe made a meal (punctuated with random outbursts like “aggh!! i can’t turn the oven on!!” whereupon someone stares at me and calmly turns the other knob on the other side..) ! I reckon my cooking skills are below the ‘dishwasher’ level in Anthony Bourdain’s kitchen. Heh. Snapped a few quick pics with three fingers, so excuse the flash and quality..

Anyway, we had our meal, complete with odd cartoon sounds in the background and a lopsided half-coconut candle.

Now then, why don’t I deserve that ‘F’?


‘Cause I can cook, suckers!
(But then again, they didn’t allow instant mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, chicken soup, canned beans, – probably because for all of them, you just add boiling water, stir, and voilà! – nor was google permitted..)


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