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Tuesday, October 31, 2006, 9:03 pm / A

Happy Halloween!

Create your own pumpkin here!
I’m being flooded with work right now, and the pumpkin I drew disappeared. So no pics. Too bad really, it was a really nerdy one too.
And because there’s absolutely nothing substantial about the post, so I thought I’d make it worth your while..

After Operation Bug Swatting, what an average consumer would like to see next on google reader :

Tag renaming functionality.

Sure, you can create a new tag, filter by tags, add the new tag (more actions), then remove the old tag. But that’s really a hassle innit?

Allowing the ‘add to folder’ drop-down to work with the auto-subscriber.

This currently only works when you type/paste/search a url or feed in the ‘add subscription’ box.

Add ‘sort by oldest’ feature.

If I ‘sort by newest’, I’ll most probably end up with some feeds I’ll never get to read!

Drag and drop in subscriptions panel.

Need I say more?

And that’s about it.
P.S. I’ll take the new interface over the old one any time!
P.S.2 To me, the most important bug swatted was the resetting of the scrollbar in the expanded view.

Um, this is going to sound really odd/awesome, but google linked to me!

Edit 2:
Right after I praise gReader, it bugs up on me when I try to add a feed manually. *scowls*


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