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Thursday, November 9, 2006, 2:13 am / A

A pill a day keeps the doctor away

I’m just kidding, it takes more than that. ; ) Err, I kid ’bout the previous sentence as well.

Read this as a quasi introduction!

Now for the main content:

4th Nov 2006
There’s just no other honest way to say it is there? Doctor shopping.
Figured I’d use up my quota of lies for the week. And also to see how much more I can bum from doctors in this sunny island ; )

Points to note
#1: A bare minimum number of clinics are open on Saturday afternoons (after 2pm). Seriously, where the fuck have all of you gone to? There’s good money to be earned! You just have to be accommodating with my requests.. 3/10 of clinics visited were open; I counted.

#2: Dental clinics are generally stricter than GPs, very unwilling to budge even if you’re clearly steering them in the direction of opiate agonists. (E.g. “I have to take a look at your teeth before prescribing anything! Would you like to come in?” *rubs my jaw* ‘Er, no thanks!’)

#3: Most pharmacies do not stock anything stronger than panadol/aspirin. No codeine either! I took the liberty of manually browsing through the pharmacist’s back shelves under the pretext of finding a suitable painkiller for my mum’s *toothache*. In a desperate move I actually asked, “there’re no opiates in any product here right? there’s this allergy..” and got a firm NO as an answer and so resigned myself to getting a box of Nurofenplus (containing ibuprofen only) to ensure a follow up on my story. Just Great.. for travelling. Wallet = – S$2.55.

#4: As a rule of thumb, if the nurses at the counter (? I’ve never known what to call them) adamantly refuse to supply any sort of medicine over the counter, even if it’s cough mixture for example, just because you haven’t been registered as a patient of that clinic, there’s a good chance you won’t have much luck with the doctor either.

And after much trudging and swearing, I spotted a hole-in-the-wall clinic. There wasn’t anyone on the waiting couch and because I Hate People, I tried my luck. Had a wonderful conversation with the nurse (?) manning the counter which went something like
Me: Hello, I’m wondering if it’s possible to buy medications over the counter? *spies a ‘painkillers’ label*
Her: Yes, I might be able to help you with that.. what would you like?
Me: Er, why don’t what you tell me what you have and I’ll tell you what I want.. (gets a laugh and a questioning look) okay, I’ll write them down then. And proceeds to write a list off the top of my head
Her: Ah, I’ll have to consult my medical log.. Oh, is one of those valium? You’ll need a prescription for that..


Oh well. The doctor can’t be that bad right? I was right ; )
Me: Hi, I was seeing another doctor before his clinic closed down.. (thinking: fuck! why did I say that! What if he calls bullshit on it?) and I was wondering if you could continue with my old prescriptions?
Him: Hm, yes, that should be no problem, what do you need?
Me: *blanks*, (clearly not expecting that), uhm there’s this alprazolam or something..Xanax! And er, codeine + DHC tablets for my backache, also know, Ativan?
There was some talk about diazepam here as well, but my mouth let me down..
Him: I see, I think I’ll give you Xanax and codeine, what was your dosage?
Me: I’ve been taking it for quite some time, I don’t think it’s that low.. “So 0.25mg?” NO! Er, I mean no, I think it’s around 1 or 2mg.
Him: That’s settled then, a mixture of 0.5 and 1mg xanax pills in addition to the codeine. The next time you come back we might work out a taper plan (oh no, self restraint, remember?) because you might become dependant on benzodiazepines, that’s what we call them (doesn’t mince his words nor simplify his terms, I like!).
And also, my partner might be in the next time round, but he’s a little straighter than I am, coming from the IMH (Institute of Mental Health) and all.. So he might be quite reluctant to prescribe these meds..know what I mean?
Me: No worries, I understand. So I’ll call up to enquire before I come, yeah? *winks*

Looks like panadol eh.

I Swear I’m not bullshitting. His words still ring in my ear! Heh.
Did ask if I could come in for refills, and the response was ‘mmmm..’ Omg, did I just get a script? =)

Wallet = – S$46. (Ouch!)

Total haul:
30 0.5mg xanax pills, 30 1mg xanax pills, 20 10mg codeine tablets. (refills available!)
Total cost:
That could’ve bought that Razer mousepad I want so much!

/End shopping trip.

I’m so scattered, I don’t even remember where my 1mg ones went.

It’s surreal, I never thought I’d have to resort to this – I do try to go the orthodox way for everything save women – just so my supply drawer doesn’t run dry, plus, I could’ve gotten away with so much more. Lapses notwithstanding, remember?

This does NOT equate to how I’m living my life right now. It’s probably much worse, or could be much worse, but I’m very busy with projects right now and have no time for thinking. Thank you.

Seriously now. If you’ve read this far and know me personally, this never happened, I dreamt it up. If you ask when I’m sedated though, you might get a different answer ; )



  1. brynn / Nov 9 2006 10:39 am

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM NOT IMPRESSED.

  2. lithiumed / Nov 9 2006 10:45 pm

    brynn, this never happened! I must have been sleep-typing.

  3. liquidblackout / Nov 10 2006 7:55 am

    Funny you should post this today. I went to my doc to get some meds for the next three months and she’s the best. I got 90 x 0.5 mg alprazolam, 180 x 0.5 mg clonazepam, 200 x 25 mg lamotrigine, and I think 100 x 150 mg lamotrigine. I just got similar prescriptions from my psychiatrist filled last week, so my insurance company wouldn’t pay for all these meds. I can still submit the receipts and see if they’ll reimburse me later. In any case, my parents paid for them, so it doesn’t make much of a difference to me. In addition, I was surprised that I actually got so many alprozolam, but it just takes a few white lies to my doc that my psychiatrist said it was okay to take both benzos, while yesterday, I told my psychiatrist that my doc recommended taking them :)
    My doc recommended that I take extra before I get on the plane, as in, really knock myself out, so the ride will be less problematic. So, what do you intend to do with all of yours? (Feel free to comment on my LJ and I can screen the comment, if you like)
    BTW: I was always under the impression that you were female for some strange reason, but you’re not, are you? Also, when’s your birthday? Also during the summer? I’m August 31, 1988 :P

  4. clare / Nov 12 2006 2:15 pm

    WTF? u’d damn well better be sleep typing or i’ll come back and kick your sorry, sedated ass.

  5. lithiumed / Nov 12 2006 10:49 pm

    Clare, I quote myself: I dreamt it up! Hmm, recurring dreams are so odd, they stick around when you wake.. ;)

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