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Monday, November 20, 2006, 1:27 am / A

Conversations at Grandma’s birthday dinner

Me: Ahh..that last half hour of crab savaging was like George Bush plus World War III.
Cousin D: (looks at his shell peppered tshirt) ..I think so too.

Brother, saying happy birthday: PoPo, 生快乐

J: My mother doesn’t want me to go to a girls’ school ’cause she doesn’t want me to turn into a lesbian.
Me: %#(@$!! But no one can turn you into a lesbian if you really aren’t inclined that way!?
D, primary 3, in the GEP : But have you heard of those girls kissing each other? So disgusting!
C, RGS, IP : My seniors kiss each other in front of us all the time so I’m very used to it. They even have their hands on each other’s butt!

My brother very wisely keeps quiet, saving me from having to make a decision on whether to curse, clobber, or be silently proud of his thinking. Or is it acceptance?

God forbid anyone in my family gets to this. And may I take this opportunity to say that those few glasses of Canadian wine were the best I’d ever had. EVER!


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