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Tuesday, November 28, 2006, 1:41 am / A


5 modules
9 days to the first paper
18 results on ‘stay awake’ on lifehacker
33.5 episodes of BSG to go
3 cups of disgusting coffee
37 cigarettes
6 bars of chocolate
7 hours before I leave for school

0 productivity
0 chemical stimulants available
0 mg of effective caffeine
0 % of sugar rush used wisely

1 way to go about this: shut down



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  1. liquidblackout / Nov 28 2006 3:21 pm

    lol, that’d be me if I were at school

    ADD ME AS A LINK!! ;)

  2. liquidblackout / Nov 28 2006 3:21 pm

    oh, and good luck ;)

  3. lithiumed / Nov 28 2006 3:36 pm

    Aye aye, cap’n! Allowed to put you under friends?

  4. ballsy / Nov 28 2006 6:06 pm

    oh my god this sounds like me! accept with MORE episodes of distracting tv shows to add into the equation!

  5. liquidblackout / Nov 28 2006 10:08 pm

    hehe, okay, put me under friends (liquidblackout) :)

  6. lithiumed / Nov 29 2006 4:46 am

    ballsy: I would have more, but I *cough* finished them all *cough*

    liquidblackout: done!

  7. ballsy / Nov 29 2006 8:12 am

    hahahaha well done! what would we do without tv!! :)

  8. lithiumed / Nov 29 2006 7:52 pm

    you mean, what would we do without the internet! ;)

  9. brynn / Nov 30 2006 11:14 am

    OI! I HAVE AWESOME NEW MUSIC. but you might hate it. hahaha.

  10. lithiumed / Nov 30 2006 7:38 pm

    I can’t stand your tagboard, and I think the feeling’s mutual so I’m gonna reply/comment here and just hope you see it.
    I have great music too! What if you hate mine? =p So this is how our xmas is going to be like eh.. exchanging songs in a zipped folder. Surprise.
    And, what’s all that moaning over the snow to stop? Just one day before you were going nuts upon seeing snow. Hahaha. Try walking with your butt cheeks. Lastly, I hate dreams. God. I put so much effort (*wink) trying not to get R.E.M. sleep and you? You fucking beg for them!

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