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Thursday, December 14, 2006, 2:02 am / A

Holy Days

So I’ve been away, stressing out on how I’m not stressed up over the tests, trying to oversleep thinking it’d be so much easier to get dismissed. But B. says Please Do Not!!! and after daily whinings about bad decisions and how “my soul is not willing”, I’ve somehow reached an equilibrium with the parentals on graduation and the related gifts: a dSLR and a Macbook (Pro) ++. This is the first time any form of bribery incentives motivations have been provided; a) I’m not in the habit of asking for things, b) they’ve always frowned upon it, c) so they must think I’m balmy enough. Just so you know, I was the one who tossed the idea up, but I think I’ve just about sold two thirds of my soul for it.

And oh, for Christmas, no worries if you can’t gift me a trip to the Caribbean, I’ll be happy to settle for this razer mouse+pad.

A bluetooth one would be nice as well. Really should stop looking at nifty things like this and get something more practical like a wallet so I’ll stop littering the floor with ten(God forbid, hundred!)-dollar notes.

P.S. Christina, Jean, please don’t comment on today’s blatant display of horrid money keeping habits. =p
P.P.S. Christina, you’re guilty as well!



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  1. jeanmean / Dec 14 2006 3:18 am

    err yes, i figured you guys should seriously consider getting new wallets for christmas resolution or sth. for goodness sake man! :D

  2. B / Dec 15 2006 3:43 am

    Of course not!! And heavens, even if I tried, something like that wouldn’t really motivate me and yes, you’ve sold your soul. You sold out!! Bahahaha, but it’s not as though you were going anywhere without it. Ahh well what the hell. And dammit, don’t use a wallet. Be unconventional. Use a hippo to store your money or something. *ahem*

  3. lithiumed / Dec 15 2006 1:57 pm

    tsktsk SHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh =p

    I sold out =( But at least I saved some money. Haven’t had a wallet since I was fifteen. What say you now? Hey walk the talk! Get rid of your wallet!

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