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Wednesday, January 17, 2007, 1:28 pm / A

Arbitrary Thoughts

Prata doesn’t taste as good these days, I have no idea where to go for good dim sum, I seem to be thinking about food all day.

Can’t wait for my friends to have kids so I can be a godparent.

Going out with someone who took Higher Chinese is mildly amusing, but good! No more miscommunications between hawkers, cabbies, ..

I sleep a ridiculous amount. Still feel sleepy. Need to wake up for classes! Someone diagnose me with narcolepsy so I can get legal amphetamines! Maybe I just need more discipline/drive.

Have a lot of questions about religion to ask P. Dad is thou art fucking holy who just smiles and says “you don’t understand”. Which is why I even ask in the first place?!

Being eighteen is not being old.

Any recommendations for good food in Arab Street?


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