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Tuesday, March 6, 2007, 1:06 am / A

Food and a Fray

Sunday, 4th March

Our six hour long dinner consisted of a sumptuous dinner at Pulau Ubin (crabs pincers the size of my fist!) and Changi Airport (fried chicken, muffins, and Japanese food).

On the long train ride back, we got into an altercation (private joke: it’s a spiffier word, just like a songkok!) with a a green tea (pseudo) sipping, face foundation caked, black fingernailed girl woman psycho.

To cut a long story short, that deranged excuse for a human being screamed and hurled vulgarities at C, then attacked her right on the fucking train! (Of course, everyone just sat on their pretty asses and stared.) She alighted at the next station, we informed the station master, gave chase,it got physical again (her nails were seriously lethal), she found herself locked in a restricted partition, looked down in panic – H had called the cops, and jumped about 1.5 storeys to the ground level, hurting her foot and supposedly her spine as well (sure didn’t seem like it!).
Mein Gott, you just can’t make these things up! C and I survived with a few scrapes, a bruised cheek (not me), and a pair of out of shape ray-bans (mine).

Remember, always be an upright citizen, always be amiable even though you hate authority, and don’t retaliate when you outnumber the other party, unless, of course,
(a) your face is hurt (which makes most lose the ability to think rationally anyway)
(b) it’s a deserted street.

Monday, 5th March

  • You do realize neither of us can get what we want/need, don’t you?
  • You, thanks for feeding me!

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  1. "you" / Mar 8 2007 12:13 am

    不用客气. anytime, you. =)

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