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Wednesday, August 22, 2007, 1:10 am / A

I’ve been busy finding religion

“Good Old-Fashioned Crystal Meth”! via DoseNation.

Yeah, talk ’bout wishful thinking!

Anyway, I’ve been religiously bulimic i.e. gorging on chunks of information then vomiting into my hand the following morning (which is usually 45 minutes after). And then there’s feeling like a ton of bricks on some days and feeling like a second ton just crashed into the back of my skull on others.

But on another (semi-private) note, I’ve also braved half of hell on July 31st and emerged relatively unscathed, but for a few flesh wounds ;)

Okay, done here! Back to being delightfully reclusive. Need to get away from myself. Ugh.


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