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Friday, December 7, 2007, 10:57 pm / A

Week 15 of 24: Daily Motion

What I’ve been doing every weekday for the past 15 weeks (excluding calling in ‘sick’ thrice and doing up a 4000 word report in a couple of hours a.k.a. stuff I never knew I knew, much less regurgitate) :

6~6.40am – tumble out of bed and display general morning grumpiness
6.45am – leave house
6.47am – return for ipod/company pass/phone/wallet
6.52am – do the 100m dash which includes a flight of stairs (in 9 seconds flat, or so it seems) for the bus
7.17am (if I don’t end up having to take a taxi) – hurtle across overhead bridge and catch company bus
7.56am – get left behind on the bus, walk to work
8am~5.15pm – shred and photocopy documents, take orders for milo (2 cold, 7 hot, “not so sweet again okay, please!!!”), chat about (recent topic:) hepatitis B and birkenstocks, take 3 hour breaks..

P.S. Thank the heavens, I’m not dealing with urine (!!) contrary to popular belief. But I will someday attain the perfect milo formula for normal people, and stop getting exclamations sent my way i.e. “you added three tablespoonfuls of condensed milk!??!” …But that’s my usual intake? ..acute type II diabetes?

P.P.S. Workplace casualties: need to escape from perfect upper lips, irresistible tongues, attractive mindsets, and a very hot French lady. ;)


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