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Tuesday, August 5, 2008, 4:04 pm / A


My chinese isn’t bad. It’s actually rather satisfactory, although I choose to ignore those loud murmurs of dissent rippling through the web now.

So this is how I manage to type in chinese: the computer helps.
All I have to do is think in english
—> translate it into what I think sounds like the correct chinese word/phrase/sentence (I often end up with a completely different something altogether)
—> translate that word/phrase/sentence into ‘han yu pin yin’, which is the english version of chinese, or more accurately, how someone with a basic knowledge of english and chinese tones pronounces anything at all
—> type out the ‘han yu pin yin’ using the chinese language system on the computer
—> run into a lot of problems because I don’t know how the actual characters actually look
—> realize I can actually type out a phrase and trust what the computer spits out to be the right one.

If that doesn’t work, I go through the whole cycle again i.e. think of a simpler expression in english, translate……you know the rest. The alternative is to use simple words to translate it in a ludicrously meaningful fashion.

All this unfortunately sometimes leaves me with the problem of getting the sentence structure wrong – one cannot simply translate directly, chinese sentences require a ‘flip’ most of the time – and the fact that I find it impossible to replace words such as ‘fucking’ (when used as an expression) for an example.
Of course, there’s always a work around: just type it in anyway!

Now I’m wondering who actually bothered to read through all that drivel.


-》realize that 我其实可以把两,三,四个字打在一起,然后相信电脑所吐出来的是对的翻译

如果上面写的方式不成功,就要重复一切 - 想出比较简单的英文字,然后 etc. etc. 另一个方法就是用很多字来乱乱解释不会解释的事。。就象我现在在做一样!

这些翻译有时会照成我把华文句子弄错了,应为 1)华文是不能从英语直接翻译的,很多时候是要翻过来才对,和 2)我简直没有办法翻译一些字,比如 ’fucking’(当用为形容词时)。当然,这也有办法。。直接打出英文字就行了!


-End of piss-

Talk about being verbose. I just needed something to do! Whoever bothers to read the “translation”, marks out of 100? =D (give me credit, I did use kindy-school chinese instead of peppering it with english…)

P.S. I don’t hate the chinese language, it’s just so…(oh, my head hurts…..)…hard….


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