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Wednesday, August 6, 2008, 10:12 pm / A

Remember The Milk!

So as the story goes, I was on the phone with a friend today, and the subject was ‘benzo-induced short term memory’. Before I continue, here’s the all important disclaimer: I don’t suffer from that, I just have an auto-procrastinating mind.
I decided to be a responsible near-adult, and in an attempt to pull myself out of limbo, finally signed up with this: Remember The Milk. Hey, I spend so much time glued to the net anyway, might as well be productive as well!

Because I’m not running a techie website here, coupled with the fact that 99% of the people who read this blog would just skip this post anyway, these are just some of the features RTM comes with:

  • notifications via email/IM (even includes Skype)/sms
  • gmail, gcal, iCal, twitter, dashboard (Mac), quicksilver (Mac), etc. integration
  • Lists/Categories, Tags, Locations (using Google Maps!)
  • offline support and sync with google gears
  • mobile support and sync ability with iphone/ipod touch, blackberry, windows mobile

If paper really is your cup of tea, though, there is a weekly planner version of RTM that one can print out and have the satisfaction of manually striking out accomplished tasks.
For those who argue that other methods work better than these GTD apps, I might have to agree….because so much time was spent fiddling around with this thing that when I finally got out of the house, the shops were shut!! Curses, overdue tasks! =p
Let’s all hope I get used to this somehow, or I might just evolve into a huge blob of gelatin.

P.S. I personally prefer mental lists! ;)


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  1. shoot / Aug 7 2008 9:36 am

    I was going to leave a comment on this subject, but for the life of me, I cannot remember what it was.
    Er, and what exactly was the subject again? (re-reads….)
    Mental lists work really well for me as well, as long as the list consists of only one “To Do” item. ;) Which is usually, ‘remember to make a list’ ;)

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