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Friday, February 13, 2009, 8:59 pm / A

I’ll take another beer, mate


G’day from OZ! It’s erratic and insane here. And I’m not just talking about the weather!



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  1. yh / Feb 13 2009 10:08 pm

    oei! how come you’re not on msn anymore!!

  2. B / Feb 16 2009 8:02 am

    You idiot!!! Where have you been?? I want to hear about it!! And ALL YOU POST is a bloody picture of a kangaroo?!!

  3. yh / Feb 16 2009 6:52 pm

    WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!

  4. lithiumed / Feb 16 2009 8:46 pm

    Hi guys!! Apparently Brisbane is a little more laid back than Melbourne/Sydney in terms of everything including technology (*gross understatement* here), so I’m offline for quite a bit whilst stealing bits of internet here and there….

  5. sher / Feb 21 2009 11:54 pm

    hahhaha. i’m sure you can do better than that. you’re such a pro at stealing internet!

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