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Sunday, July 12, 2009, 1:13 am / A

There are, then there are

I’ve got friends who organise fantastic Japanese dinners the night before their 4am overseas deployment for military training.
And those who literally volunteered to struggle through torturous hours of tutoring me in laplace transformations, and are the only ones who have successfully surprised me with birthday celebrations complete with custom cookie cakes two years in a row.
Not forgetting the nasty ones who ply me with alcohol and poker in a hotel suite just because I won’t let them bother with an airport send-off :p

Now I don’t care for fripperies – even a simple meal of chicken rice (yum!) would do –  and those are a mere few examples, but to the ones that really matter: I hope to not only reciprocate the effort put into it, but to also treasure what might possibly be fleeting, and be a rock in times of need. All the rest of you can fuck off and die, but remember to pass me your chemicals and cigarettes before you do.

Of course, this slightly mushy post won’t be complete without a mention of someone I’m seeing soon that I hope to be there for, unconditionally and always, but even though our friendship comes before any additionals, I’m still hoping you won’t get lucky at Hard Rock cafe tomorrow night ;) (Especially when I’m stuck at a function, wah…)


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