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Thursday, September 17, 2009, 11:42 am / A


There’s been an absolute dearth of updates here because of (a) general lethargy/laziness (b) who reads this, what I can write, reactions I’ll get, etc. (c) the unmentionables – just because being vague is the in thing, ya know, and (d) how many people still read this? I can’t be arsed to check the stats, really..

Anyway, I just thought I’d type a few scatterings down and let spellcheck work its magic. It’s always nice to wake up at or around 6.39am in Ozzie, when most parts of the world are still in bed. Kiwis aren’t really counted, because they’re always forgotten (or remembered, if you wish) as the lesser Australia. Like Canada. Tim, Dean, would you mind taking those daggers out of my back, please? My cousins in both countries will do the job for you ;)


Meh, I’m running on near-empty here.

So, as I was saying, it’s always lovely to wake up gasping and twitching, because you know sweet relief is within an arm’s length – in your bedside drawer – where else would you keep your stash, really? It washes down great with fresh fruit juice: everyone knows I’m not terribly fond of plain water, for which my kidneys thank me profusely for ;)

3 deadlines to meet next week, plus one this Saturday where I will be attending a Ramadan breaking fast session – my Muslim friends are great in reminding me that I can’t ___(something which I’ve genuinely forgot)___ on Saturday, because I am “beneath them, HAHA!” Guffaw, guffaw. I have yet to do any prior literary, intellectual, academi…..(snooze…)… research on it, but I already know the religious theories, now will you just let me do the piece without having to quote someone on basic principles of life?

I suspect these 18-20 hour sleep+stupor days I’ve been investing in aren’t helping in any way, shape, or form, but the unfortunate thing is that it’s not by choice. Can feel the serotonin slowly trickling in though, so hopefully I’ll be able to get down to processing and editing those thousands of backlogged photos.


E. the Godsend has been calling every night to make sure I’m alive, even though she’s going through a rough patch now as well as trying to bang out her thesis. Deep, deep down in the recesses of what’s left of my soul, I love her too :p (Not-so-private joke, sorry!)
After complaining that I’ve been living without my mouse for the past 2 months, which is a crucial element in playing World of Warcraft with her (and getting bored after 5 minutes), she shot me a knowing look and said: Pull out your bed and look over the side. Hey presto. Whaddya know. That was 2 months of suffering because I’m too cheap to get another! Besides, the money has to be put aside for fixing fences my car seems to be attracted to when I’m too..distracted ;)

Just received an sms reminding me that I’ve got tickets to the opening night of Les Miserables..which is tomorrow. I think hibernation is more important right now than attempting to shovel a few spoonfuls of leftover Hong Kong duck rice into my mouth, so I’ll be leaving this…

Yet another post I highly suspect I’ll regret and/or forget making, but there hasn’t been one like that for such a long time, and it’s good to have variety ;) You know I’m just a wee bit off and scattered when I type that much. I’ll just push it down the page with photospam asap :)


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