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Thursday, July 1, 2010, 8:47 pm / A

Colour Me Spoilt

Yet another semester of dismal concentration and endless procrastination has ended, which means that we’re now in the middle of winter. By “we”, I actually mean “I”, as everyone not in close geographical proximity is either experiencing freezing summers or stifling heat and humidity.
… And I dodge the thousand knives headed for my back.

[I digress to share with you the highlight of my day… which involved an old man at the corner store informing me of how well I’d been trained (unlike those from the mainland, he said) after I joined the queue at the counter. I can’t stop feeling like a chimp.]

Each new winter brings about a reason an excuse to indulge in one’s self. Birthdays, I believe, is what most people call it ;)

This winter I received a very early birthday present – despite my protests that I’d be very contented with a simple card – from someone that knows my tastes (*cough*) very well indeed ;)

Say hello to my newest baby, the striking orange Panasonic Lumix FT1!
Waterproof and shockproof with a 4.6x zoom and dedicated HD video recording, it is an absolute delight to own, especially for the clumsy amongst us ;)
The FT1 feels extremely solid and comes with a sleek leather case. It’s taking a little adjusting to get used to the various settings, functions, and dials, as the camera is designed to be a minimalist. With class 4 and 6 SD cards at hand, watch out for HD quality videos in the near future! One major adjustment needed is having to familiarise myself with the auto modes and hidden settings, as that is present in place of the usual aperture/shutter mode.

Here are some test shots of the FT1, including the customary camera-in-mirror shot with my fingers cropped out to prevent smirks at unmanageable nails :p
There’s a fair bit of noise in the pictures, although I am guilty of not using a lower ISO in good lighting, but I was more perturbed by the rather noticeable bluish tint in the white balance, even under natural warm light. After further reading of a few reviews on the camera, I have established that it’s “not just me”, therefore extra but necessary calibrations will have to be done to prevent heavy usage of Photoshop.

The FT1 is in no way replacing my faithful micro 4/3rds system, but is the perfect daily companion for all occasions. A huge thank you to my overly and unreasonably generous friend, who has ensured that I am yet again (!) unable to outdo him in birthday indulgences :)

Enough waffling, enjoy the photos, but not as much as I enjoyed consuming the food… all in the name of camera testing, of course ;)


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